The Value of Children

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I found an article that speaks of how children are a blessing, and not a burden. I thought they put it very well, especially in all the ways children are a reward. It is definitely worth reading, and remembering, for a way to respond to critics of large families.

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Monnie Says :
9:20 PM

I read below that your C-section was scheduled for the first week of March. That's now. :) I hope it will go/is going/went well! ;)

Even though I'm not married yet, I work about 8 hours a week as household help for a mom of six whose children are spaced about like yours. (The oldest turned 7 yesterday.) ....and I hope to one day have a husband and children of my own. My dream is to be a fascinating woman much like the book defines such a one.

You've got a pretty good blog! I hope you're able to keep it up... although husband, children, and household always should come first. :)

All the best to you! :D

Mommaroo2 Says :
12:56 PM

Thank you. I did have the baby, she is doing well. I'll have to post an update. It's been a while! :-)

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