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Last night I had such a stressful time with the kids, that by the time I sat down to relax, I was having contractions like crazy. They felt like Braxton Hicks, which is no big deal. But then I started feeling sick and my back started hurting...uh oh! I started thinking about everything not done, the baby clothes, the hospital bag, etc.

So I decided to try to pack a bag quickly, just in case. As it turns out, I'm worse off than I thought. I had done two loads of baby stuff, but when I looked through it, it was all either summer stuff, 3-6 month stuff, blankets, etc. Nothing useful! Grrrr! So I started dragging out all the baby clothes boxes, searching for baby girl winter clothes. Unfortunately, my daughter was born in a warmer climate in late spring, so it was all either boy stuff, or girl summer stuff!! Now I realize I don't even have the right baby clothes to wash!!!

I found a couple of not-so-cute sleepers, sweaters, etc. and threw them in the wash. Then I printed off my birth plan, which was still in progress, tried in vain to locate my medical records (since I'm switching o.b.'s) . By the time I put the clothes in the dryer and made a list of stuff to take to the hospital, I was too tired to pack. At that point I figured it probably wasn't real labor, just pre-labor. I do think that the baby descended a little bit. So it gave me a big kick in the pants to get ready!

Unfortunately, I can't find our infant car seat. I'm suspecting I may have sold it before we moved the last time, thinking I wanted a new one anyway. We did that with a lot of stuff, and wouldn't you know it, we don't have the money to replace it!! We should at least be able to get the baby home if we don't have the other kids with us, because one of our car seats is a convertible car seat that can be adjusted to face to the rear for an infant. We just can't take the whole family anywhere.

So now I have to find an infant car seat AND buy new baby clothes. Which is so annoying, since I already had a girl! I thought I was all set. That'll teach me not to plan ahead. :-) But at least God is giving me a kick in the pants...I had another bad day today, and got nauseous and crampy again...a good reminder to not slack off, just in case!

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