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I wanted to say a few things about modesty. In today's world, the very word itself seems to be "out of style". People who believe in modesty are ridiculed as religious fanatics, judgemental, prudish, uptight, and even more perverts! In just a few short decades, the standards of modesty that has been the norm for all decent citizens of every civilized nation for most of human history have been virtually obliterated.

Why should we as a society worry about modesty? The extinction of most empires throughout history can be directly linked to increasing immoral behavior prior to their demise. Rome is a perfect example. Before the fall of the Roman Empire, it had steadily declined into worse and worse pagan beliefs and practices, indecent dress, gluttony, and immoral sexual practices. Now look at the state of America over the last fifty years. We've gone from a society of relatively law-abiding, decent, and primarily God-fearing people to a cesspool of drugs, violence, paganism or atheism, and sexual degredation. Families are being dismantled. Women have been "masculinized" and goaded into the workplace unnecessarily, children shipped to daycares, men trapped into working longer hours to pay the bills for the luxuries that their family feels they need to reward themselves with for all their hard work. Even worse, the men have been emasculated and made to feel that they are some kind of neanderthal every time they try to express themselves in a dominant or manly way.

So what does all this have to do with modesty? The moral decay of this country began small, with the erosion of basic standards of decency. Modesty was the first to go. In future posts, I plan to point out the importance of modesty, why we often become angry and defensive when the issue of modest dress comes up, and some advice to those who wish to become a better Christian example through our dress.

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