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My wonderful husband stayed up after I went to bed last night, and cleaned my dirty kitchen, tidied my messy living room, did all the dishes, baked me a cake, and left a present (chocolates), a card, a nice note and a dozen roses for me. He was up til 4:30 am, the poor thing! I felt bad because I accidentally woke him up this morning, and he got up to make me and the kids pancakes.

It turns out we had a hundred dollars in the bank we'd forgotten about (thanks be to God!) so he got me the flowers, card, and chocolates, and we still have money left over for a little gas and food. And I think my mom is sending me a birthday gift, which is a check (now that I live far away, that's what I usually get), so I'll use that for food and gas too, then replace the money for a gift when the paycheck comes this week. It always amazes me how God provides!

Even though it's my birthday (observed, lol) today, I plan to finish folding all the laundry and try to bake some muffins and whole wheat bread, now that my kitchen is clean. But somewhere in between, I'm going to take a nap!!

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