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I admit it. I've been slacking off big time lately, and in many ways. One way is that I'm feeling sorry for myself way too much, which makes me let everything else slide even more.

Today is my birthday. There was no cake, no party, no card. Well, my aunt sent a card yesterday. But my mom forgot, so hers is coming late, and my husband forgot I think, til my aunt's card came. He did say happy birthday right before he left for work. So I was feeling sorry for myself in a big way.

As I detailed in the previous post, we're really tight on money this week, so there's nothing in the budget for even a card. Since I was feeling moody this morning, I went and bought myself a small pan of frosted brownies at the store in lieu of a "birthday cake". I figured I would celebrate my little pity party by eating most of it myself, and give some to the kids.

I was feeling rather upset with my husband because he didn't do anything to make my birthday special. He did say he'll bake me a cake tomorrow and get me a present when he gets paid next week. But to me, it was the thought that counts, and he didn't seem to put any thought into my birthday. He could have made me a card on the computer, or written me a note. So I felt pretty depressed.

But after reading some other blogs where the women talked about accepting adversity (which I'm well aware of, but choose not to think about when I'm in a mood) I decided to cancel my pity party. Don't get me wrong, I still ate half of the brownies, lol! But I'm saving a couple of pieces for my husband, making him dinner, leaving a nice note for him, and going to bed early to avoid the risk of starting to feel sorry for myself again. I'm also going to clean the house a little before I settle down to relax tonight, because I know I'll be in a better mood if I do. I may also make some refrigerator dough so I can make some bread tomorrow morning. If I get the kitchen cleaned tonight. :-)

And when St. Valentine's Day rolls around, if he forgets again, I'm not going to make a big deal about it. You see, we had decided when we married that we didn't want to celebrate St. Valentine's Day as a lovey-dovey holiday. But two years ago I changed my mind. I figured I could use another day to be treated special, lol. Then last year he forgot that I'd told him that, and I ended up getting him a card, balloon, and special chocolate bar, and brought it to his work. Even after that he didn't get me anything on the way home! (Gee, take a hint, lol.) I was sad, but I tried not to let it bother me. So if he forgets again, I'm just going to let it go. Most of the time he's a great husband, and helps me out a lot around the house. I can't complain just because he's not perfect ALL the time!

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