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As you may have guessed, in my absence from the blog, I have had my baby. She was nine pounds and 20 1/2 inches long. I had her by cesarean section a week earlier than expected, because of potential complications. As it turns out, there were no complications, and she was very healthy. I came through surgery okay, but it was a very bad experience. They did not give me enough anesthesia during the surgery, and definitely did not give me enough pain killers after the surgery. I was pretty miserable. Then I got an infection, in spite of the large amount of antibiotics I was on. It just went downhill from there. I'll spare you the details! Let's just say that this was definitely the worst of the four c-sections I've had. But at least I got a beautiful healthy baby girl out of it. :-)

She's a good baby, and sleeps very well. Unfortunately the last few mornings, she keeps stirring and getting fussy like she wants to eat, but by the time I try to get her to latch on, she's sound asleep again, and won't be awakened to eat. Then fifteen minutes later, she does it again. Luckily she sleeps in bed with me, or I'd get no sleep.

My husband went back to work today. I've been spoiled the last two weeks--he's done everything! And of course, the older three have conspired together to drive me up the wall today!! I think they've got a bad enough for mommy, and daddy might stay home! Actually the oldest isn't too bad, but the younger two are giving me a run for my money. But right now they're all in bed for a nap (yaayy) and I'm planning on taking one with the baby myself.

The nice thing about my husband staying home for two weeks is that he's realized how much work it is to care for so many little ones all by yourself. He does appreciate what I do, but I don't think he understood why I got so little done during the day. I have a hard time just keeping the house looking decent, never mind all the laundry, cleaning, etc. I'm working on it though. I just need to be more organized. But in the meantime, he found out firsthand that it's a lot tougher than he thought. There's a big difference between caring for them on the weekends, with my help, and doing it all alone for two weeks. I'm hoping to get a lot done today so that he'll be impressed when he comes home. But I'm already pretty tired, so we'll just have to see how it goes!!

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prayzgod Says :
6:39 PM

So this is baby blessing number 4, right? That is great, I'm so glad your new addition is healthy.

God bless, and congrats! :-D

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