Journey to Homemaker

Candy at Genuine Profit ( is doing a homemaking series about necessary homemaking skills. You should read it, her blog is really great. She mentions sewing, which is a very important homemaking skill. I really don't know how to sew, though I made myself a jumper once. It wouldn't have been too bad, if I hadn't chosen a plaid material (note: new sewers should pick a random print like flowers, not one with lines that have to be lined up properly, lol). I wear it just around the house.

I have plans (we'll see if they get done) to make several baby items. First on my list is a baby carrier. I'm trying to decide between a wrap and a Mei Tai style. I may try both. You can't mess up a wrap, just cut the material to size and hem. I think I can handle that. ;-) My big problem is getting the machine going. It's used, and I keep having problems with it. Probably it's a tension problem. I have NO idea what I'm doing! Maybe today I'll have time to set it up. I'm sure it needs some basic maintenance, like oil, etc.

Even if you don't know what you're doing, try to find someone to help or research online so you can teach yourself. You may never be great at it, but you should have basic skills to teach your children. Then find someone who can tutor your daughters to improve their skills! I'm really bad at it, but once I had a JoAnn's employee explain how to read the pattern, the jumper was really pretty easy. I chose one of those super-easy patterns. Even though I have NO patience, I was still able to do it. So just give it a try!

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