Weirdness about me--the Nomad


I've decided to reveal more weird things about me. I am finding that I am trying to fit into the "mold" of the typical Christian homemaker/blogger, and I just don't fit. I really don't fit into any one group, and maybe that's why I have a hard time making friends. So I'm just going to "let it all hang out" there, come what may. So little by little, I plan to reveal all the strange and weird things about me that make many people, I suspect, shake their heads in confusion. ;-)

First thing is...I sometimes suspect I am some kind of "closet hippie." No, I am not against war (well, I don't like it, but sometimes we have no choice) or shaving my armpits and my name isn't Rainbow Star or anything like that. But I have some strange interests. I envy people who live on the go. When I was single, I dreamed of traveling around visiting the many wonderful places throughout America. Not in your typical fancy motorhome, but in a unique way. Of course, if I won the lottery, I'd probably go for one of those custom made tour bus type of motorhomes...they actually make them with a second floor you can raise or lower once you reach your destination! But since that will probably never happen, I would have loved to travel in a homemade RV. Kind of like a converted schoolbus or housetruck. I know, check out the pictures. Total hippy-mobiles. But so cool.

I would read books about it and dream of travel. I even lived in a semi- converted bus I bought for a while. It was very rustic living circumstances, but I loved it, because it was the one time I completely "owned" my home. I could do what I wanted with it, live anywhere I wanted. If I didn't like my neighbors, I could just drive it away. Of course, since I was broke, I rarely took it anywhere. It stayed on the property of someone I knew, and paid them a little money for the privilege. It was pretty cool.

Now that I have five children, though, that dream has fallen pretty much by the wayside. We could never live with our kids in that small of a vehicle comfortably. Not with young kids. If they were teens, that would be different, but small kids need more space, and just try to get five small children to sleep when they are all in one room...not possible! Or at least it's not worth the hassle, to me. My husband also doesn't have a "portable" type of job. But again, if we ever win the lottery when my kids are older, you just might see me in one of these.

Overdue Post, and Various Thoughts...

Guess I've been pretty busy since I had the baby. You can check out my other blogs for updates on the birth and after. I'm to tired to write all that out. LOL.

I went on and off raw. I'm definitely healthier and happier on raw. Right now I've decided to to 100% raw, and I'm loving it. It's not always easy, but I know for me, it is necessary. I have lost 20 pounds so far. I want to break the "26 pound barrier"...that is, I want to lose more than the 26 pounds I lost only one time, on Atkins. Most dieters can say they've lost and gained the same 50-100 pounds. I can't even say that! But I want to stick with raw, and release it all. That's right, release it...because I don't want to "lose" those pounds, only to "find" them again!

Things are great. We bought a house on five acres. I'm thrilled with the house we got. It's exactly what we needed. To rent a house like this, in this area, we would have had to pay probably $1800 a month, maybe more. Our paments are only a little higher than what we would pay for a house farther out, on no acreage. It has five bedrooms, with room to make more in the basement. We got it for a steal, because it was a foreclosure. God was really smiling on us, even the realtors were shocked we got such a good deal. When the market rebounds, we expect to see a huge gain in equity, too.

I am still struggling with trying to be a better homemaker. I'm seriously thinking of going to someone to be hypnotized, to try to make myself less lazy, and more industrious! I know, it sounds crazy. But if you can go to a hypnotist to lose weight or stop smoking, why not to stop being lazy? I wish I'd been born the type of person who is most happy when puttering around the house. Doing anything around the house is sheer effort on my part. I think partly I was just born this way (in my family, half of us kids are naturally lazy, the other half are type-A people) and partly I never was taught how to work. I was never expected to do any chores or help around the house, or taught how to clean, cook or sew.

Now this isn't to say I have no responsibility for my own actions. Of course I do. I often make a conscious choice to do something (like write this post, lol) instead of doing what I should be doing (like getting some sleep or mopping the kitchen floor). I'm just saying that the combination of natural laziness + lack of training = a constant struggle to get stuff done. What I'm saying is, I wishing it was much less of a struggle for me. So who knows, maybe a hypnotist would help. Hey, I've got to do something about all the years of society's brainwashing that I should get a job and let someone else clean my house and raise my kids. Anything is worth a try. I'd do anything to be a better wife and mother for my family.

If it doesn't work, I'll just have to keep plugging away, and trying to form better habits on my own. But that way would be so much more boring! ;-)