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I can't believe there's only four weeks til my due date! Nothing is done, aaarrrrggh!! I've been so busy trying to find a midwife, that everything else has fallen by the wayside. I don't know if I'm going to have a homebirth, because the midwives are all nervous about taking me. Not only have I had three c-sections, but I have gestational diabetes and my babies are big. Let this be a lesson to those who haven't had c-sections--do NOT let them push you into one, unless it is truly necessary for your health or the baby's. Doctors nowadays are too impatient and worried about lawsuits to "allow" you to have a baby the way God intended. It is estimated that half of all US cesareans are unneccesary. And if you've had one, learn how to avoid getting stuck with one in the future.

Fortunately, I found a local hospital that is actually holistically inclined, believe it or not. They promote waterbirth, use of aromatherapy, and rooming in. There actually isn't even a regular nursery, just a special-care nursery. They're very open-minded. There's no recovery room for c-section patients either. After the baby is delivered, if the baby is doing fine, she stays with the dad, in the OR while surgery is finished, then put into your arms as they wheel you out, and you "recover" in your regular postpartum room. It sounds SOOOO much nicer than normal hospital procedure. At least if I have to have a c-section this time, it won't be as traumatic. But I sure could use some prayers that I don't have to have a cesarean. Pray I can have a vaginal birth...or better yet, that the baby comes so quickly at home that I won't have a chance to go in for a c/s. Not likely with my big babies, but "I can do all things in Him, Who strengtheneth me."

I did buy a couple of cool baby things yesterday. One is a "Nursing Nest" it's a firm foam rubber little bed with a terry cloth cover on it. It's shaped to hold a baby laying on its side, for nursing. It was created by a mom after her c-section. You can use it for co-sleeping, table-top nursing, etc. It was forty dollars, but I got it on clearance at Babies r Us for thirty.

The other thing was the Ultimate Baby Wrap. It's a wrap-style carrier. It seems very comfortable and versatile. I haven't tried it with a baby yet, but I plan to try it with my youngest, who is around thirty pounds. It's supposed to support up to 35. It was forty dollars. I've heard people online say it's too hard to learn to use. I didn't think so at all. I think it will probably take a little practice to master getting it on quickly, but it comes with a DVD so it was pretty easy to figure out.

I always "wear" my babies outside the house, when running errands. But at home all the carriers seemed inconvenient, especially for breastfeeding. The only carrier I had found to nurse in easily was the NoJo sling (a padded sling similar to the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder). I found it to be too hot, and the babies didn't like nursing in it, probably because it felt too claustrophobic. The Ultimate Baby Wrap isn't padded, but it's very comfy. It is wide, so it can be spread out over your shoulders to minimize the pressure. It supports the baby well, and is easily adjustable for different positions. The only thing I don't think I'll like is that the DVD says you need help to get the baby into the back carry position. Although I thought I'd read online there's a way to get a baby in the back carry position alone. We'll see how comfortable it is.

Now I just need to wash all the rest of the baby clothes, clean the whole house, hand wash all the baby items like the breast pumps, and find a car seat. Yikes!

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