Pre-eclampsia / optimal fetal positioning

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I apologize to those who are not pregnant right now for all the baby-related stuff, but that's just where I'm at right now. I'll give birth and go back to more normal mom stuff, lol!

I wanted to write about pre-eclampsia because a lot of women don't realize how serious it is. There is a lot of info on about it, but you have to take what they say with a grain of salt. Although they are more educated than doctors on the causes and treatments, etc. (docs think there's no known cause and no known cure, and the only treatment is low salt intake and bedrest, which is WRONG) they still hold to the party line that the only cure is delivery of the baby. According to Dr. Brewer's research and experience, with proper diet the risk of pre-eclampsia is virtually non-existent. He did his research in an area of California with low incomes, poor nutrition, and very high ratios of pre-eclampsia in pregnancies. The woman he worked with lowered their risk from 25-30% down to .5%.

His research made a lot of sense to me, and I plan to follow his diet in an effort to avoid developing PE again. I've added his website,, to my links section.

I also added a link to a great site, This is GREAT info on things to do to get your baby in the right position for birth. Having a baby in the wrong position greatly adds to the risk of your having a c-section, since doctors are so quick to pronounce that the baby is too big, your pelvis is too small, etc. and just want to cut you open. Less time, less hassle, more money for them. Less risk for them too (in their eyes) because they don't have to worry about possible cord prolapse and other rare emergencies that would cause parents to want to sue. Of course, there's more risk to you, especially down the line, but during a hospital birth, who cares about you?

The spinningbabies website is down at the moment, but hopefully will be up soon. They seem to be having some technical difficulties. Keep checking back, it's worth it. They teach many exercises and techniques for turning baby (that don't involve anyone pushing on your stomach) including using a birthing ball, a rebozo sling, and many other techniques. I highly recommend it.

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