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There is a website online that some of you may be interested in. It is WFTS Radio. The programming consists of radio talk shows with priests on various traditional Roman Catholic topics, Gregorian chants, hymns, Sunday sermons, and a talk show with Dr. Donsbach on natural health. They also play an audio recording on Sundays of the Latin Mass, and talks given by a Mother Superior to ladies (but are often enjoyable to men as well).

There is a programming schedule every day. I think it plays 24/7, I'm not sure...but I think the programming repeats itself at night. You can download the programs for about $5. I think it's a little steep for 30 minutes of programming that most of the shows are, but I understand it is necessary to help with the tremendous costs.

However, you can also download Replay Radio for $30-40, which can record audio and/or video streams online. Then you can listen to the programs through your computer, or download them to your iPod or MP3 player. We just got Replay Radio, and so far we like it. It's pretty easy to use, it's kind of like TiVo (sort of) for your computer

If you do regularly record WFTS, I would suggest sending what donations you can to help them out. I really enjoy it, and their listening audience is growing by leaps and bounds. According to the radio host, people all over the world are now listening. It's very clean, extremely traditional, and enjoyable

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Kathy J. Says :
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Mommaroo2 Says :
11:36 AM

I deleted the above comment because, although it may well have good things on it, but I suspected after visiting it that the content would have some things on it that I personally might not be comfortable myself recommending, so I just chose to delete it. It wasn't in any way meant to offend the poster, it was just a judgement call based on my personal beliefs. I appreciate her suggestion and hope she feels free to comment in the future. I hope she understands. :-)

Mommaroo2 Says :
11:39 AM

oops, lol! I wasn't clear...when I said "after visiting it" I was referring to a LINK in the comment, not the comment itself. That wouldn't make any sense! ;-)

Kathy J. Says :
7:27 PM

No offence taken!! :-) They do tackle some very tough topics, although it is done with a VERY STRONG Catholic perspective. Their motto is "Bridging the gap between faith and everyday life", so that may help explain some of the programming. Anyway, I really hope that I didn't offend you by posting something on your blog that was not in line with your beliefs. That was not my intention, and I am very very sorry if I made you uncomfortble. :-( (Also, I tried in this post to prevent any recognizable references to my previous comment, but please feel free to delete this one as well if you need to. I really just wanted to say that I was sorry, so this comment is just a personal message to you anyway.)

Have a great day!! :-)

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