Anti-Catholic Blogging

There is something I've had on my mind for a while now, that I would like to share. I have noticed more and more on some Christian homemaking blogs the tendency to bash Catholics or Catholicism. I've held my tongue, and refrained from commenting the myths and sometimes intentional slams that I've seen on these blogs, because I felt that it wasn't my place to confront someone about their opinions on their own blog. I have seen others do that, and I think it is rude. It is one thing to disagree slightly and express a different view or to ask questions, but to engage in an argument with someone on their own blog is very impolite, in my opinion. I think if someone strongly disagrees with you and just wants to rant, they should just leave your blog...otherwise, what does it say about you that you have nothing better to do than argue and name-call a stranger because they exercised their free speech on their own blog?

However, one blog I used to visit (but rarely anymore, due to this person's anti-Catholic sentiments) recently made comments about Catholics again that I just couldn't stomach. It wasn't an opinion, it was a slam against a particular person and against the Catholic faith, which was in my opinion completely misleading as to what Catholics believe. The comment was made about someone who was engaging in exactly the behavior I described above, harassing the blog owner for her opinions, and (according to the blog owner) resorting to name-calling and put-downs. Instead of dealing with the person privately, this person chose to give her readers a play-by-play of what was happening between her and the anonymous poster (nothing wrong with that, just not a choice I would have made). In the course of talking about the anonymous poster, the blog owner, in an apparent attempt to put down the poster, said:

"As the Lord Jesus Christ said 'By their fruits ye shall know them' I believe that the troll is a Roman Catholic, so she probably thinks she is getting into heaven by being a 'good enough' person, i.e. through good works."

Assuming the blog owner is giving an honest evaluation of what the poster has been writing to her over time (there are two sides to every story, and she screens her comments to that we can't see the original comments posted by anonymous), I have a problem...several problems...with her statement. She has described this poster as someone who is bitter, angry, and attempting to justify her own poor life choices by spewing venom at the blog owner for her beliefs.

1) She says "by their fruits you shall know them", then goes on to say the poster must be Catholic...because of her fruits? Because of the hateful remarks she made? Perhaps this is not the analogy the blog owner was trying to draw, but that is how it sounds. At the very least, she implies that Catholics think they can act any way they want and still get to Heaven by doing something nice once in a while. Not only is that false, but it is also a complete misrepresentation of Catholic doctrine.

Now, I'll be the first to admit there are Catholics out there who think they can do what they want and still get to Heaven by being "good enough"...but I've met plenty of Protestants, Born-Agains, Evangelicals, Jews, Hindus, agnostics, etc. who believe the same thing. Just because some people have a malformed conscience does not mean that all people of a particular faith do...nor does it mean that that person's beliefs are a true representation of what they are SUPPOSED to believe, according to the faith they profess.

2) She jumps to the conclusion the poster is a Roman Catholic. I am not privvy to the posts, but if the blog owner's evaluation of the poster's comments is accurate, I don't need to see them...the woman is NOT a faithful practicing Roman Catholic. I wouldn't even call her practicing. If she isn't attending Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation, receiving Communion and going to Confession at least once a year during the Easter season, and following the laws of the Church, she is not a practicing Catholic. Many, many people claim to be practicing Catholics when in reality, they are "sometimes" Catholics...which makes them Catholics by birth only, but not in practice.

There is, unfortunately, a trend today for Catholics to "pick and choose" what they believe. Why they don't just become Protestant is just beyond me. Then they could go "church shopping" for somewhere they felt comfortable. Why stay in a church when you don't believe what it teaches? If I did not believe every single thing the Church has ever taught, I would NOT be a Catholic. The Catholic Faith is not a buffet, it is a complete meal. There are a lot of things that have been allowed to happen in the last forty years within the Church, due to a weak (at best) heirarchy. The abuses in practice and preaching are unacceptable, yet they have continued unabated. This is why I became a traditional Roman Catholic: one who attends only the traditional Mass in Latin, who practices the Faith as it always was...the Faith my grandmother grew up in. I couldn't stand going to Mass anymore and watching a priest change not only the practices but also the beliefs...a man who gave clear evidence that he didn't believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. I had to find a Mass where things never changed and the Faith was retained in it's entirety.

But most Protestants (even most Catholics) aren't aware of the lack of proper teaching within the Church today. So when they hear that Catholics believe this or that, they accept it. It doesn't matter what anyone says--people lie or are mislead. It doesn't matter how any particular Catholic acts--we all meet people in life who do not act as they know they should. What matters is what is defined in Catholic doctrine...THAT is what Catholics--true Catholics--believe.

3) "...she probably thinks she is getting into heaven by being a 'good enough' person, i.e. through good works..."

The blog owner couldn't be more wrong, although she was probably mislead either by a pastor or by the current myths propogated by people who themselves are mislead or who actually know better, but continue to spread lies. The truth is, the Catholic Church has always taught you MUST believe in order to save your soul. Good works are merely an outward sign of this Faith. Good works without faith are meaningless, and you cannot save your soul through good works alone. However, if you should go your whole life long proclaiming to believe, yet never taking the God-given opportunities to do good works, then can you truly say to your Lord on Judgement Day that you were a true believer?

Catholic history is full of examples of saints who died before or shortly after baptism, yet are believed to be in Heaven. Reading the Acts of the Martyrs shows many such stories. St. Emmerentiana is just one example. She was a young girl who was stoned to death at the grave of St. Agnes because she was a Christian. The Church believes that she is in Heaven--not because of her good works, though I'm sure she performed many. Not because she was baptised--her Acts make it clear she was not. She is believed to be in Heaven because of her Faith...because she believed in and loved Jesus Christ so much that she was willing to die for Him.

It isn't my intention to debate with anyone whether "faith alone" is actually scriptural or not. I welcome anyone here to my blog. I don't want anyone to feel unwelcome or put down. I may not believe the same as some Protestants do, but I welcome them here, and want them to feel comfortable. However, neither will I pretend I am something that I am not, and by not ever talking about my faith (which I haven't up until recently), I think I was being unfaithful to myself.

It is also not my intention to put down the blog owner (who I will not name or link to, to protect her identity). It is her blog she is writing on, and she is free to believe and to write about what she wants. I did write a comment to her (only because I knew she screens them first and it would be a private communication unless she chose to post it). In it, I pointed out this recent comment on Catholics, that it wasn't the first, and that although I was assuming she didn't mean it to be, her comments were insulting to Catholics, and came across as put-downs. I was trying to let her know that if she wanted to change Catholics' opinions and get them to believe what she believed, then making comments that sounded offensive wasn't the best way to accomplish that. If she didn't care what Catholics believe, then I guess it doesn't matter how she phrases things.

I never received a reply from her. As of this writing, she hasn't posted my comment, or referred to it on her blog, which is okay by me. Probably just as well. It's likely she didn't believe what I had to say about the true Catholic teaching on faith and good works. To be honest, I'm glad she didn't respond. I was a little worried it would turn into a big debate, which is not what I wanted. I just wanted her to know, if she wasn't aware, that her comments were not being taken well by Catholics (I am not the first to remark about this particular blog). It is too bad. I like her blog in many other aspects.

I think some people don't realize how they come across to others. I'm one of them, I should know! ;-) I say the wrong thing all the time. That's why blogging is good. I can edit and re-read my posts before publishing. Less blunders that way. :-D

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KJ Says :
10:09 AM

Thank you for taking the time to address the Anti-Catholic blogging that seems to go on around some "mommy blogs". You made your point clearly and without bashing other people's beliefs. I was raised Lutheran, but I have found great truths in the Catholic Church. So much so that my children now attend Catholic school and I have decided that I would like to begin RCIA (my Hubby is a cradle Catholic). I find it amazing that I rarely hear a Catholic bash another Protestant's faith (or any other faith), yet it seems to be open season on Catholics on many blogs that claim to be Christian in nature.

I have come to learn that many of the "facts" that I was taught about the Catholic Church when I was growing up were HUGE misinterpretations of Church's teachings.

I know which blog you are refering to. :-) I, too, was very upset by the Anti-Catholic series and subsequent little jabs here and there that were going on. I noticed that the blogger also at one time had a link to Chick Tracts on the web site. I find these almost comical in their portrayal of Catholicism. I say almost because their completely inaccurate, cartoonish portrayal of Catholics and the Church's teachings would be sorta funny if it weren't so venomous, and if people didn't actually believe what they read. I think that the blogger's views of Catholicism may come in part from reading these cartoons.

Take care, and thanks again. :-)

Anonymous Says :
12:15 AM

Well said. I have been reading the blog you refer to. What a shame to waste and destroy such an opportunity to witness, if nothing else.

Anonymous Says :
9:26 PM

I just found your site and came across your article that you posted about anti catholic blogging.
I am unclear where you stand, are you catholic yourself??

I found what you posted a little bit hyporitical in that you were upset that some other blogger "bashed" catholicism but you yourself are no better for "bashing" her for bashing catholicism. Did you bash her? You might not think so. But re-read all that you wrote. You came across very defensive, upset and argumentative.
Plus there are some things that are actually not right with regards to the catholic faith such as their worship of mary and so much more. Im not saying though that they are bad. I do thank God that we as protestants have Catholics for reasons like they stick up for issues like anti-abortion.. all of us Christians agree on those issues which is nice.
But dont go on defending catholics as if they are perfect. Nor are protestants, I know. But you came across as more in favor of catholic religion.
You shouldnt knock that blogger, because then you are really no different than her are you.
I think your a great person and you tried very hard to say it nicely but it was still obvious that you were angry though.

Mommaroo2 Says :
2:24 PM

Dear Anonymous,

I'm sorry if you think I was angry. I wasn't. Any anger I felt was gone weeks before I decided to write this post.

I'm assuming that you did not read my post, but merely skimmed it, because I clearly stated that I am a traditional Catholic who attends only the Latin Mass. And yes, of course I favor true, traditional Catholicism over Protestant beliefs --what kind of Catholic would I be if I didn't?

I welcome comments, but before you accuse me of something (like acting as if Catholics are perfect), you should at least read the whole post. I know I'm a little wordy ;-) but you shouldn't criticize me til you know what I'm actually saying. Otherwise you make your argument look silly (I should know, I've done this before when I was too tired to read with a clear head, lol).

If you re-read my post, you'll see I never said or even implied that Catholics are perfect. NO ONE is perfect, but God. If Catholics were perfect, we wouldn't go to Confession, would we? And with the chaos and lack of faith among the Church's heirarchy in the past forty years or more, Catholics have never been less perfect! Lest anyone think that I think I am better than anyone else, I assure you that I know am not...I am FAR from perfect.

I tried to be very clear in that I was trying to bring something to the attention of this blogger, not hurt her reputation (hence, keeping her name private) or arguing with her. That is why I chose to post here, in my own blog.

I didn't want a debate, but only to bring to the attention of bloggers out there that when they make such comments about Catholics, they are only "shooting themselves in the foot". I would assume anyone who calls themselves a Christian would want to convert Catholics if they think we are so wrong in our beliefs. Yet you will convert no one if you insult them...even if it it unintentional. That was my point.

Perhaps "bashing" wasn't a good word choice, as people could jump to the conclusion that I am saying her comments were intentionally hurtful. However, if you read my whole post, you will see I clearly am trying to assume that she has the best intentions.

Now, what people chose to do after reading my post is their own decision. They can keep slamming Catholics (it WOULD be slamming, at that point) or word their criticisms of the Catholic faith in a more charitable and less offensive way.
If I were Protestant, that's what I would do, because I would want to help them believe what I thought was the truth.

I welcome you to comment on my blog, but in the future please note that I will not allow any myths about the Catholic Church's teachings to be perpetuated here. There is enough of that elsewhere. I don't want to get into a debate, but I will state that Catholics DO NOT worship Mary. Mary is not a god. I know who I worship. Just because someone else tells you differently doesn't make it so. I understand if you disagree with my faith, but please don't misrepresent the Catholic faith on my blog. It is disrespectful. But I can tell that you didn't intend to do either of those things.

You have to understand that I go onto other blogs and forums and must put up with a host of offenses against what I believe, and I do so in silence, rather than start a huge argument. It isn't my place when on someone else's blog, and it would be futile anyway.

Most people believe what they want, and have lost the art of Listening. But this is my "world", and I don't have to keep silent you can tell by my run-on posts. :-)

I hope you don't think I am angry at you, I am just angry at all the lies out there that everyone believes and spreads. It gets old after a while, being constantly told that you worship statues when you don't, or can be saved by charitable works when you don't. There may be some Catholics out there who do not understand their faith, but I do. I KNOW what I believe, and I get upset when I hear someone say that I don't.

It is like someone telling you that you, as a Christian, think that you are perfect or better than anyone else. You can tell them til you're blue in the face that you don't believe that, but they don't hear you...they hear what you want. Most practicing Christians have heard this, and know the frustration of being told you are "holier than thou" in spite of assurances to the contrary. That is how I feel when my faith is misrepresented.

I welcome everyone here, regardless of religion. My primary focus on this blog is homemaking, and I want to help others and encourage their advice in regards to homemaking. I do not plan to debate others on their beliefs, and I hope others will show me the same respect. Yet I won't hide my faith either, or let it be tarnished.

Thank you so much to everyone who comes here to read my blog and comment on it. I appreciate your time. God bless!

Mommaroo2 Says :
2:25 PM

Boy, that was wonder why people are only skimming my posts! ;-)

Anonymous Says :
3:00 PM

I just came across your site, and I have to tell you that I love it!! I have been Catholic all my life. But lately, it just bothered me that so many of the church teachings seemed to be getting "water down." Anyway, I am younger so I never even knew what Mass was like before all the changes that came with Vatican II. I came across an advertisement in my local Catholic paper for the Latin Rite Church in our area. I was just curios so I decided to check it out. I went to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and I just can't explain in words how amazing it was! I have been drawn to it ever since. As of now, we still belong to our regular parish which we attend some of the time, and on holy days, Adoration, and sometimes Daily and Sunday Mass we go to the Latin Rite church.

Anyway about this post:)...Recently, I made the switch from working to being a full time wife and mom to my husband and one son (so far:):) I have been looking for homemaking tips and advice online. When I saw your post on this topic, all I could think was AMEN! I too have visited other blogs and sites that seem great...they offer tips, recipes and advice all which is centered around Christ...but then I scroll down and see their section on "Why Catholicism is wrong" and the "Truth of Catholicism"...and it's just so hard to take! it's easy for me to get frustrated and defensive becasue their accusations are always soooo far from what the Truth is. (Sometimes, I they REALLY think that we WORSHIP statues and the Pope as Gods?!?!)LOL But then I just begin to feel so very sorry for these people. And I remember that no matter what they are our brothers and sisters in Christ, and I try to remember that this is just what has been taught to them their entire lives. (And that there are a ton of uninformed (but meaningul) Catholics out there, which is another topic to be addressed:) But my heart aches for them, becasue they are missing out on so very much! How does one even begin to explain the richness of our faith!

Well, anyway thank you for you taking your time (which I can imagine how limited it must be:) to share your experiences and witness. It really helps us young traditional Catholic Momma's out there! May God Bless your and your family.

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