Memorial Day Tablescape


Since today was Memorial Day, I wanted to do something special. It was a hectic day, and my husband had fed the kids dinner while I napped, so I never had time to plan. But when I went to the store to pick up a few things, I decided to get some "picnic" type of food

and decorations. Inspired by Mrs. Wilt at The Sparrow's Nest (see sidebar for the link), I decorated my table for Memorial Day.

I used a red table cloth I already had. Not perfect, but it was red. Then I bought two little pails with star cutouts in the rim, one red and one blue ($1 each at Target), a flag-motif star-shaped candle dish ($1 at Target), a few little flags (3 pack for $1 at Target), some foil star garland ($1.50 at Kmart), and little red white and blue decorative "sprays" (pack of 3, $1.50 at Kmart). I also bought a four-pack of annuals at the grocery store for $1.79 with tiny white flowers.

At home, I cut the four-pack apart and arranged them into one of the pails. Then I stuck the three flags and decorative sprays in between them. Then I unwrapped the garland and coiled it around the centerpiece. I lined the other bucket with plastic wrap inside and used it to serve cut fruit, and set the pail on top of the candle dish (I had planned on using a candle, but it wasn't needed with such a full centerpiece). I used a red and white plate for the cookies, and used two blue glass plates I already had for eating on. It looked pretty cute. After the fact, I decided to add a white doily under the centerpiece for more contrast. Not sure if I liked it that way or not. These pictures don't do it justice--they were taken at angles strategically designed not to show my dining area. ;-) Really, it's not that bad at all, but would make the picture look very cluttered.

I will re-use the decorations for Independence Day and Labor Day. I also plan on going back in a few days and trying to purchase some red white and blue swags, flags, and other decorations on clearance. Thanks to Mrs. Wilt for the inspiration. My husband was very pleased.

In case anyone was wondering, I served hot dogs, cole slaw, macaroni salad, cherry pie, cut fruit, and cookies with holiday sprinkles for our dinner. I am embarassed to admit it was all store-bought, as I didn't have time to prepare anything. My fault for lack of planning. But hey, this is the first "minor" holiday that I actually did something for, so I'm making progress.

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