Cruddy Job Challenge

Journey to Homemaker

Is there a job in your home that you have been putting off, but really needs to be done? Cleaning out the garage, decluttering the basement, paring down on the amount of clothing in your house, organizing your pantry? If you have a job that you need motivation to do, I have a challenge for you.

Get that cruddy job you've been dreading done within the next two weeks, and post before and after pictures on your blog...then leave a link to it in the comments section of this post. I'll chose the winner, who will receive...da da ta daaaa!...a vintage apron pattern. It is circa 1950's, has several styles to chose from (all waist aprons), very cute. I don't think it's been used at all, but I have to double check...I didn't actually open up every single page of the pattern. I'll try to get a picture of the pattern envelope on here in the next day or so.

But the real prize is pride in a job well the bragging rights when you show the pictures on your blog, lol! Just think of how much you'll smile when you'll just sit and stare at the neat and tidy results! The deadline is June 5th, and I will announce the winner by June 7th. Good luck!

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Mommaroo2 Says :
12:15 AM

I forgot to mention that I'm challenging myself, as well. My choice of a cruddy job to do (and there's oh-so-many in my house) is the kitchen. I've worked a little bit in each room of the house, but I can barely keep the kitchen from getting WORSE, never mind unpack and organize everything! I did do a few drawers, but that's it. Don't worry, I promise not to vote myself the winner! ;-)

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