Apron Pattern Prize


Here is the apron pattern I am giving away for the "Cruddy Job Challenge". It is a true vintage pattern, a Simplicity Printed Pattern # 3718, copyrighted in 1951. It shows four views of aprons. The envelope is torn a bit on the front. All the pieces are there, and in very good condition. It doesn't appear to me to have been used.

For some reason, the pattern pieces are lettered, A-M, except for I and J. There are no pieces marked I or J, and the list doesn't include I or J. The pattern lists eleven pieces, and all are accounted for. Being a novice, I don't know if this is typical, or not. The pattern comes in a ziplock bag to protect it. I will probably just send it in a manila envelope.

Here you can see the directions sheet, the envelope, the ziploc bag, and the stack of pattern pieces.

This picture is a close up of the direction sheet, where it shows all the aprons you can make. I showed this because one apron isn't visible on the envelope,where it is torn.

Good luck with the contest. Just think how much more you'll enjoy your next "cruddy job" if you are wearing a cute vintage-style apron that you made yourself! And you just KNOW everyone will ask where you got it! :-)

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Mrs. Wilt Says :
7:51 AM

Here is my entry for the Cruddy Job Challenge! Thank you for hostessing such a motivational contest. :o)

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