Belated Tribute to Veterans


I read a moving and wonderfully patriotic tribute to veterans on Stephanie's "Getting Back to Basics" blog (which is fabulous, by the way--and I stole your vet pic Stephanie, hope you don't mind).

It is sad that our veterans, after serving so honorably in our armed forces to protect the freedoms of this country, are forgotten. As with Christian observances, our patriotic observances have turned into hedonist free-for-alls where one lays about, drinks and eats past satiation, and completely ignores the meaning of the day.

This post should remind us all of what Memorial Day is supposed to be about:

3 Responses to "Belated Tribute to Veterans"

MamaK Says :
7:47 PM

Oh my word, that picture brought tears to my eyes!!

Found you through Roberta's site - she linked about your cruddy job contest. I will definitely have to give that idea more than a thought!!

~Karen in WA

Mommaroo2 Says :
11:33 PM

Welcome Karen, glad to have you! Yes, that picture really give you pause, doesn't it?

By the way, after re-reading the veterans post on Stephanie's website, I realized that her post was actually something emailed to her a while back. So my apologies to whoever wrote the original. But thank-you to Stephanie for posting such a great reminder to appreciate our soldiers and veterans!

Mrs.B. Says :
9:46 PM

What a great really moved me!

I've seen your comments on Mrs. Wilt's blog and that's how I found you! (o:

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