I Did It!


You may have noticed that beginning with my Memorial Day Tablescape post, I have FINALLY added pictures. After figuring out how to upload pictures from my camera and add them to my blog, I am extremely embarassed that I publicly posted that I didn't know how to do it...it was easy, once I spent the time to figure it out!

The hardest part of the whole thing was finding the stupid port to plug the USB cable into on the camera. I knew I had the right wire, but I spent five minutes looking all over the darn thing for a hole to fit it into. I finally found it under a hidden panel. Okay, not-so-hidden...it was marked AV/DV plus a USB symbol, but it was hard to notice. ;-)

I will be updating some of my old posts with appropriate pictures, and the next post will include pics of the apron pattern. I will also add pictures of my family. However, they pictures will be blurred or altered to protect my family's privacy. I am a big advocate of maintaining privacy on the web, particularly if you have children.

Too bad though. My kids are so cute! :-D Maybe I can let a picture of the baby slip by. They change so much in a few months, anyway. Here is a picture of me holding my three year old daughter at the zoo, as we look at the tigers. My three month old daughter is in a carrier on my chest. The white blob is her bonnet.

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