The Search for a Midwife

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The search is on...and I'm getting tired of searching! I have decided to have a VBAC at home, after having three prior cesarean sections...thirteen months apart each time. Oh yeah, and my babies are huge. Wonder why I'm still searching?

Most midwives who are licenced or certified are a little hesitant. Particularly in my state, since there aren't many licensed midwives yet. They're worried if anything goes wrong it will hurt the midwife community in our state. Hello people, haven't you read the research? It would be more dangerous for me to continue having c-sections than to have VBACs. The rates of uterine rupture during a VBAC for mothers who are NOT given induction/augmentation drugs is about the same as the risk of having a prolapsed cord or a placental abruption for any mother...about 1% or so. The greatest cause of uterine rupture is not a prior c-section, but the mother receiving those drugs, whether she is a prior c/s or not.

Anyway, I'm going to have to go with a non-certified, or a non-licensed midwife. That's okay by me, a license from the state does not guarantee a good midwife. Some midwives just don't want the hassle from Uncle Sam, or the limitations the government imposes. One midwife I've contacted has 19 years experience, and has done home VBACs, including one for a woman with more c/s than me. The other one doesn't have nearly as much experience, but seems really knowledgable and definitely has strict standards she uses to choose who she will work with. She agrees it would be safer for me in the long run to start having VBACs. The risks to the mother go up with each c/s she has. They're not as bad as the doctors often say (mine has tried to guilt-trip me into a tubal ligation--NOT happening). Of course they don't tell you about these risks with the first two c/s, only when they realize you are serious about having a large family. What is it about these doctors being against large families? Haven't they ever heard of repeat business??

I have found a doula already. I'm really happy with her, she's very nice, I like her personality, and I really feel like we are "on the same page" about many things. She's not certified with DONA (Doulas of North America) yet, but she's done all the book work and workshops, and has attended the birth of several friends already. She's considered a volunteer doula, because she's not charging for her work, she just asks the mother to fill out papers to help her get certified. I'm happy to do that in exchange for the free care, especially since I think she's going to be great. She's also going to do postpartum doula work for me as well, coming to the house after the birth for two hours a couple of times a week, for several weeks. I'm really thrilled about that, since I will have four small children at that point. That will be free as well. She'll hold the baby if I want, watch the kids, do a load of laundry or dishes, tidy up around the house, talk to me, etc. Just having someone there to talk to will be great. I'm also going to talk to another doula about being a back-up in case anything happens with the doula I chose.

Now all I have to do is talk to the last midwife, make a decision, sew a baby sling and other stuff, get all the baby clothes out of boxes and wash them, unpack all the boxes left from moving in, clean the house, find a chiropractor, start doing the spinning babies exercises to get the baby in the right position for birth, buy or sew cloth diapers, find a birthing tub to rent...the list goes on!!

My first birth was a nightmare, ending in a c/s of course. I'll have to tell my birth stories another time, but it was bad, let me tell you. So I hope for this birth to be easier, more peaceful, less stressful, and an overall positive experience. I really think having a midwife is just what I need, plus the birthing tub will be great.

So I'd love people to pray that I have a safe and healthy birth...and quick and not-too-painful would be nice too! ;-)

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