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I am very supportive of breastfeeding. It's really important to me. I have come to realize that I am not a good milk producer, however. This is probably why my children are spaced so closely. With my last baby, I found out about Fenugreek, a supplement you can take to improve milk supply. This helped me so much, I wanted to shout the news from the rooftops!

Fenugreek can't be taken if you are pregnant, and you should be careful if you have blood sugar can lower your blood sugar. Also, some women experience a "maple syrup" smell to their urine or sweat. I think that's probably if you take a higher dose. I never had this problem.

You can find Fenugreek capsules in natural food stores, vitamin shops, and some grocery stores with natural food sections. It's around $8 a bottle, depending on the quality. It is sooooooo worth it. I can't remember how long the bottle lasted. They say that it can take a week to notice a boost in your milk supply. It only took me a day.

Don't forget to drink as much water as you can, and take vitamins. I also highly recommend buying a baby scale for home use. If your baby starts to lose weight, you may not notice it right away, because you see the baby every day. Weighing the baby at least once a week in a dry diaper, preferably more often, will help you keep an eye on the baby's weight. If it goes down, you can monitor it closely, and know there is a problem. The scale is a great investment if you're having more than one child. If you're not, buy it on ebay, and resell it when you're done!

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Navelgazing Midwife Says :
11:17 PM

You mention in your Bio that you are a fat woman (your word is "overweight" - having been super-sized most of my life, I just say "fat") and most fat women have some sort of insulin resistance issues going on if not out and out PCOS. I *knew* women who were fat and/or had PCOS had milk supply issues, but never had proof until a LLL conference I went to in 2003 and a researching LC spoke about studies that proved what I'd thought all along. Her research said 50% of women with PCOS have serious supply issues.

Some links to her research include:

Fenugreek can help, but so does Metformin and Domperidone (if you can find someone to prescribe it), both Rx meds.

I just thought I'd share... perhaps it will help you or others who have similar issues.

Thanks for dropping by my Birth Stories. :)

Mommaroo2 Says :
11:27 AM

I don't have a problem saying "fat" most of the time,either. :-)

I do have gestational diabetes, but I'm pretty sure I don't have PCOS. I researched that a while back because my sister has it. As I recall I don't have any of the symptoms...especially not the fertility problems, lol! But I agree it's a good thing for fat women to be aware of.

I really don't like taking prescription meds unless it's absolutely necessary. La Leche League is a great resource though, isn't it? I always recommend people go to them. They helped me a lot when the nurses at the hospital actively interfered with me nursing my first son. He was nursing great, but by the time I got him home, he wouldn't nurse at all. I almost gave in and gave him a bottle, but they gave me great advice and I stuck it out.

So many women give up when they have trouble nursing. I wish the OBs and pediatrician's were more pro-breastfeeding and gave the women the support they need.


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