Hoping for a New House!

We've been having landlord problems lately. I HATE renting! I've never had a home that was all my own, and I'm really ready for it. I can't stand worrying about every scratch on the wall, what the neighbors think of our "long" grass (barely an inch longer than theirs), or the fact that I can't even paint a wall. Not to mention dealing with landlords who never want to fix anything. This landlord hasn't been too bad in that department, but we're having thermostat problems and it's WINTER, so I'm pretty frustrated with their lackadaisical attitude in finding a repairman for it.

I didn't think our credit was anywhere near where it needed to be to get a house, but as it turns out, the guidelines for lending have loosened quite a bit over the years. I didn't realize it's much easier to get a home loan than a car loan! Unfortunately because of the upswing in foreclosures, the rules are tightening up again, so we want to try now. It's definitely a buyer's market right now, especially at this time of year.

Our credit took a big dip a year ago, which is frustrating. Apparently before that, we had good enough credit to get a pretty good rate. Grrrrr! Why didn't I know about that? Now we're two points below where we need to be to get into a loan. It will be a little iffy even if we raise two points soon. But it's definitely possible. We went up a couple of points in just a few days this week. (I am SO glad we got the new car, it's helping our credit a lot.)

We're looking for 5-10 acres about a half hour from my husband's job. That is our ideal. We could really use some prayers for this. We need to get financed, find a house, and move very quickly. Either that or find a temporary rental and take our time looking to buy a house. So if everyone could remember us in their prayers this week, we would really appreciate it. Also, pray that I can pack up this house full of junk, and keep my patience and sanity!!


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Michelle Says :
8:04 AM

Let us know how the search is going!

Mommaroo2 Says :
11:25 AM

Hi, this is Mommaroo2. Hope people see this! Blogger is freaking out and closes down my browser when I try to sign in. Hope that stops soon. I've been crazy-busy the last six weeks trying to find a house to rent/buy. We're not quite ready to buy, but we did find a house to rent very inexpensively. It has five bedrooms and is new construction. However, it seems to have been built by ten year olds, based on the quality...or should I say LACK of quality.

Well, if Blogger gets their act together, I will blog again soon. Meanwhile, I need to find a better place to blog. Any suggestions? It needs to be free, super-easy to use, and not have regular problems. Homeschoolblogger is not an option, as they seem to be having problems all the time, to me.

Mommaroo2 Says :
5:59 AM

Update: Got a house, it needs lots of cosmetics, but it's huge and in the country (kind of) and we got it for a steal.

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