No, the Ticker Isn't Going Backwards....

, , 4 Comments » just looks that way. If any of you have visited my (non-updated) blog recently, you may have noticed that it had been showing a gestational date of 16 weeks, but is now showing 12 weeks. Why the change? Well, my due date had been a loose estimate, based on my second-to-last period (I forgot to write down the date of the last one.) So I came up with a due date based on that.

However, after an ultrasound two weeks ago to determine if I was carrying twins (why am I always more sure with each pregnancy that I'm having twins when I'm not?!) I found out that based on the ultrasound, I was only nine weeks along. Grrrr!

So not only did I apparently skip a period somewhere along the line BEFORE I got pregnant, but I am also feeling even more farther along than I thought I was. Hence, the twin scare. Don't get me wrong, I am happy for any blessings God gives me. But I might be momentarily chagrined at God's sense of humor if He gave me twins now, when I already have four children under the age of five, rather than giving them to me with the first pregnancy, when I wanted twins. I was relieved it was just one baby, although I admit there was some slight disappointment too. ;-)

It's strange to me that not only is each pregnancy different, but I seem to be experiencing more severe symptoms each time. I can only be thankful that God was so merciful in letting my first pregnancy be so easy. I can't imagine being one of those poor women who have very rough pregnancies, especially if each one was worse than the last. Yikes! I'm pretty wimpy.

With other pregnancies, I've had occasional, very slight nausea a couple of times. This usually was when I hadn't had enough to eat, particularly when I was pregnant and still breastfeeding a previous baby, such as in my second and third pregnancies. Usually a bit of food made it vanish. This time, I was having frequent nausea, though still mild. It came at weird times though, like sometimes very soon after eating. I would be sure that I didn't need food, and food sounded so unappealing anyway. So I would let it go for a half hour to an hour, as it grew worse and worse, until finally I'd just go ahead and make myself eat, and usually it went away. Why I would get morning sickness and need to eat after JUST EATING is beyond me. Pregnancy is so weird.

Anyway, I seem to be past that, and feeling better. I know that my pregnancies are still a lot easier than a lot of people's, so I'm very grateful for that. But I do worry what my tenth pregnancy will be like, at this rate! lol

4 Responses to "No, the Ticker Isn't Going Backwards...."

Michelle Says :
10:26 AM

Is that *your* baby? How precious! I hope you start to feel better soon.

Mommaroo2 Says :
12:23 PM

I feel a lot better lately. Thank you for the kind thought.

Actually, that's not my baby's ultrasound photo. I found it online at a pregnancy site. I feel peer pressure to put cute or relevant photos on my blog, because I know that most people find non-picture blogs too dull to read, lol. Me included! ;-)

Michelle Says :
3:12 PM

Uh oh, then I'm in trouble! LOL

You're never dull! (And the picture is too precious for words.)

Chrissy Says :
12:52 PM

I'm probably in trouble too!

With my last pregnancy, I'd get nauseous in the early evening, about the time when I was supposed to start cooking dinner. That's when I learned how smart it is to start a crock pot meal in the morning;0)

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