Parenting Tip of the Day


I read something recently that made me think. How often does my child see me smile throughout the day? Or frown?

Wow. At first, we're tempted to think "of course I smile more than I frown." But do we? If we are having a bad day, how often will we frown, mumble, complain? How often will we get frustrated with our children...even when they've done nothing wrong? How many complaints, or gossipy conversations, or sarcastic remarks do our children overhear? These things are never so evident than when we have a four year old who listens and understands much more than we realize, and who then repeats every word and tone of voice he or she hears!

So today, let's be aware of what we say and how we say it, and the expressions on our faces, and make sure that our children see and hear far more positive things than negative.

2 Responses to "Parenting Tip of the Day"

Laura Says :
10:22 AM

Thanks for this - I needed it today! With an almost five year old (come August), I sure can relate!

Monnie Says :
11:06 PM

Very good advice and certainly food for thought!

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