Home from the Hospital

Thank you all for your prayers. The surgery went well. There was only one hernia to repair. I was pretty sick feeling and in a lot of pain the first day, but then they worked out the medication and I continued to get better after that. I was in the hospital four days. I pumped the whole time for my daughter, and she latched on right away when I came home. I was relieved, because I worried she wouldn't want to nurse after having bottles.

I'm still extremely sore, but the doctor gave me plenty of pain medication (unlike my last o.b., who didn't seem to care that I was in pain the whole time, grrr). My wonderful husband will be home for a week to do everything for me. He even tidied up and organized some stuff for me while I was gone. :-)

I was very nervous before going in for the operation, because I was getting general anesthesia, and I was in the hospital alone (my husband had to drop me off and stay home with our four children). But it ended up being no big deal, and I was glad they put me under, since it meant not having to experience any discomfort or fear during surgery.

Well, I'm pretty sore right now, I'll post more tomorrow when I feel better. God bless.

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Mrs. Wilt Says :
7:41 AM

I'm so glad you're doing well. What a sweet hubby to help out...and he gets bonus points for organizing while you were gone. ;o)

Praying for a speedy recovery for you!

In His joy,
Mrs. Wilt

Mary Ann Says :
8:35 AM

I'm so glad the surgery went well for you. I'm praying that you will continue to feel better and stronger each day! I'm so glad that your husband has been able to help you out with the children!

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