The Duggars are Back!


For those of you who love to watch the documentary programs aired on Discovery Health (and other Discovery-owned stations)about the Duggar family, I have great news...they're back!

The most recent installment of Duggar shows just aired on June 11th, called On the Road With 16 Children. It is airing again today at 4 p.m. Go to to the Discovery Health section of the site for times. And if you miss it, don't worry, just keep an eye out and they'll replay it, like with the other shows.

For those of you who are thinking "Who the heck are the Duggars?", click on the Duggar Family link in my side bar, or read on. There have been three previous shows about the Duggars:

14 Children and Pregnant Again!
Raising 16 Children
16 Children and Moving In

They are a family with sixteen children. The dad, Jim-Bob (yes, they're southern) was in politics for a while and makes a living in real estate. The mom, Michelle, homeschools all of her children. They seem to be a wonderful family, and an example to all of us who are quiverfull-minded...meaning we accept all the blessings (children) God chooses to give us. She is very organized, and I have picked up many tips from these shows, such as the pantry, the family closet, dressing in all one bright color when on road trips so as to easily spot a "lost lamb" (though our kids are too little to be able to wander off on their own much yet), how to live debt-free and more. I wish they'd spend more time on talking about how she runs her house.

But the miracle is that while they do refer often to how unusual Michelle and Jim-Bob's family is, they don't make fun of them or treat them like freaks, and that is amazing considering that this is mainstream media we're talking about. These shows are very enlightening, showing that it IS possible to provide for a family of 18 without being on welfare or winning the lottery. They are not a wealthy family, and though they appear to have a comfortable living now, it comes from hard work and sacrifice, and putting what is important first.

I would recommend this show to anyone, but especially to Christian families. It is nice to finally see a show that portrays a close-knit, loving, hard-working, modestly-dressed family that we can hold up as an example for us all.

So remember this: Discovery Health Channel, On the Road With 16 Children, watch it!

Also, if this picture I got from the website is recent, Jim-Bob is running for senate. If you are in his district in Arkansa...VOTE people, VOTE!!

2 Responses to "The Duggars are Back!"

Imladris2 Says :
9:53 AM

Hiya! Delurking to let you know that the Duggars also have another website at There are some great reciples, articles, FAQ's and links there which aren't on the other site. Its a bit more up to date.

Aren't they great though? I was also struck by the "normal" way that Discovery Health portrayed them. When I first saw 14 Children and Pregnant Again, I thought for sure they were Mormons living in Colorado City or something... but no. Normal, everyday, conservative Christians. Discovery is very respectful and has helped them out a lot as I understand it. The Learning Channel also helped them finish their house and outfit it with new stuff. Its encouraging to see that in a society which generally looks down upon children, isn't it?

Mommaroo2 Says :
9:14 AM

Thanks for the reminder. I knew there was a newer link, but I couldn't find it.

Yep, they're a great family. I was glad to see how Discovery handled them, too. I almost think it would be better if the different Discovery-owned channels hadn't helped them out, though. I know the Duggars allow media into their home to promote positive understanding of large families, but I would hate for those mean-spirited liberals to be able to say the Duggars were doing it for the freebies. Which of course is ludicrous because they've been doing it for years with no compensation. It is nice to see them in a nicely decorated home, though. Being an experienced yard sale decorator myself, I can imagine how thrilling it was for Michelle Duggar!

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