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I've been struggling with my weight fluctuating between 246 and 249. Well, not struggling much...I've gotten lax about my eating habits because I've been really hungry and I still lost no matter what I ate. Now the weight loss has leveled off, and I'm still really hungry, which I often am when I'm breastfeeding. So I've decided to join Weight Watchers.

I've heard really good things about it, and it seems like I often hear online and on tv weight loss shows about people who lost 100 pounds or more on WW. They have two plans, Flex and Core. On Flex, foods have a point value, and you're allowed a certain amount of points each day to use, plus an extra 35 points per week as a buffer. You can eat what you want. On Core, you can eat all you want, but only from a certain list of foods. At first Core sounded good to me, but then I found out all the dairy had to be fat free. I hate fat free dairy! So I think I'm going to do Flex. I get a lot of extra points for breastfeeding. I'll still have to probably use low-fat dairy in order not to use up all my points, but that's better than fat free. Yuck!

The meetings seem to be really short, in my opinion. If I'm paying twelve bucks, I think I should get more than a half hour. But I really need the accountability. Plus, I don't think I have enough of an idea of the calorie and fat amounts in certain foods. I blew a ton of points the first day on mayo! Right now I'm using a lot of the Smart Ones Weight Watchers frozen entrees, desserts, cereal, etc. It's expensive and not natural food, but for now it helps me stay on track til I get used to the program. I've done much better today. I probably actually didn't use up enough points. You're supposed to use them up.

Hopefully this will help me lose the weight. I feel I can't truly be a good wife and mother if I'm too lethargic to do housework, too tired and fat to play with my kids, too big to look sexy for my husband, and so unhealthy that I cost the family a lot in healthcare and risk dying on them. I owe it to them to get healthy. Plus I don't want my kids following in my footsteps. Being heavy makes life hard in so many ways, and I don't want that for them.

Guess we'll see what happens when I weigh in next week!

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prayzgod Says :
5:08 PM

This is awesome, keep us posted. :-)

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