Happenings, and bargains

Journey to Homemaker

The diet isn't going so well...we're tight on money, so I really can't afford to have some of the more expensive foods I need. But I'm trying to watch what I eat. I'm holding at about 243, so that's not too bad.

My husband isn't applying for that job transfer. His bosses said he's not really ready for the next step up yet. We're pretty frustrated though. He liked that job a lot, but then they transferred him to a different building to help them make improvements in that building, and his new boss has a major attitude. Plus they told him he'd be switched to first shift, which we really want, and now they're hinting that it's not going to happen. Plus they didn't give him as big a raise as they'd promised. So he's not feeling very appreciated. All that, plus they raised the insurance rates for the employees' families in order to offer benefits to gay employees' "partners". It's all making him feel like looking for a new job. He'll probably start looking in two months, when his contract is up and he's free to leave. It's too bad, things were going really great there for a while.

I've been taking Zoloft for about six months now for stress and depression, and since the baby was born, I've been feeling better. Probably getting my hormones more balanced, plus the beneficial hormones from breastfeeding. So I've been cutting back on the medication. I'm only taking 2/3 of a dose everyday. I'm doing okay on it, but had a bad couple of days. The hardest thing is weaning myself off it when it's a "good time"...which, as a mom of four, there's never really a "good" time, lol. So when I have a day when a lot of small things go wrong, I start to lose it. I stop cleaning, don't spend as much time with the kids, they get cranky, and it all goes downhill. I'm trying to stay motivated by reading some of my favorite homemaking blogs for inspiration, and that helps.

This past weekend I scored big time at a yard sale. I got a ton of stuff for $24--five wood chairs, two dressers, a bookcase, a sewing basket, and some nicely matted poems in picture frames. The furniture is older and needs to be repainted, but totally worth the money. I hesitated on the ten dollar table, and someone scooped it up! Grrr. Oh well, it was too small, really. I also picked up some matted picture frames and some nice doilies and battenburg lace table runners at the thrift store. Good bargain weekend overall. Now I just need a table!

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