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The baby weight is gone!! Yipee!! I can't believe how fast I lost it this time. I gained a total of about 28 pounds, starting at 252 and ending at 280. I'm now down to 245.6! Woooo Hooo!!

I was down below my pre-pregnancy weight within a week and a half of giving birth. I'm now about six or seven pounds below that, at less than three weeks postpartum. That makes me feel a lot better about myself, because it means that I did a pretty good job of watching my weight with this last pregnancy. I have a digital scale that tracks your weight loss and your goals, and it was sooooo nice to see the little circle of stars pop up when I reached my goal of 250. I kept my goal there for a couple of weeks, for an ego booster, lol.

Now I've taken the brave step of reprogramming the scale for a new goal of 225. I hope I keep losing in the next few weeks, to keep my motivation up, because when I'm six weeks postpartum I can start exercising again, and that will really help me lose the weight. I do need to drink a lot more water though, since I'm nursing. I can't imagine how heavy I'd be now if I didn't nurse all my babies!

It will be nice to get down to 225, but I really can't wait to get down to 200. I was about that weight when I met my husband, and I think I can fit into an XL at that weight, which will be awesome, because then I can fit into off the rack clothing in most stores. Yes! I'm so sick of seeing really cute modest dresses in "normal" sizes at Walmart, but not in the plus sizes...when it clearly is a style that would translate well into a larger size! Instead the plus size stuff is ugly or clingy and unflattering. Can someone please get a famous plus size celebrity to host their own line of clothing at Walmart, Kmart, Target, etc. Instead of "Kathy Lee Woman", etc. What the heck does Kathy Lee know about plus sizes?! Although I have to say her stuff isn't TOO bad. But those designers for Target need to get a clue! Designs made of flimsy fabric that hugs every roll of fat is not going to sell well in a size 3x, people!

Okay, enough ranting. Hopefully pretty soon all this size discrimination in fashion will be irrelevant for me, because I'll be getting down into normal sizes...I hope! It's pretty bad when you can't even find patterns in your size to sew your own clothing!! If I could even just fit well into most XL clothing, I'd be satisfied! Not that I wouldn't LOVE to be a size 12, but any normal size will do, lol.

Wish me well on my weight loss journey! Maybe this will keep me accountable. It would be too embarassing to have to post if I GAIN weight!

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