Pregnancy Complications


Well, this pregnancy is turning out to be a lot like Murphy's law!

I found out that I have a condition that is very similar to being Rh-....just a different antibody that's causing the trouble (E instead of D). It's much more rare, but not as serious. However, it doesn't have a simple solution like taking RhoGam. Basically I'm being referred to a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist, because I also have other high risk factors: being "old" (35 or older), being overweight, having had 4 previous c-sections, and to top it all off, I have gestational diabetes again. *sigh*

The bad thing is, they usually recommend early delivery of the baby--usually between 32-36 weeks. Now, you all know me, I am NOT big on interventions or other unnatural stuff. Of course, if it's necessary I'll do it. But doctors are so quick to try to force you into doing things that are not actually in the best interests of you or the baby, to minimize the risks of lawsuits and higher malpractice insurance, oh, say, guilting you into a c-section you don't really need, and telling you "don't worry, you can have a VBAC next time" as he laughs up his sleeve because he darn well knows you're highly unlikely to be "allowed" to have a VBAC in this day and age. Oh, I'd better not get started on that, lol!

Anyway, I'm not really big on delivering a baby early just because I have a condition that MIGHT cause a problem in the future. I've done my research (boy, doctors just hate that) and I know that they usually keep an eye on your titers (tracking the levels of antibodies in your blood to make sure your blood isn't attacking the baby's blood). If the levels go up, you know there is a problem. If they go over a certain level, the baby could be in danger. I won't be letting the doctors deliver the baby early "just in case". There will have to be some evidence that early delivery is truly necessary. I'm not going to risk my baby's life with a premature delivery just so the doctors can later say that they "took every precaution".

I'm also not going to let them bully me into taking insulin unless that is necessary also. I've been doing some research, and I found out that a study has shown that taking as little as 1/2 teaspoon a day of cinnamon can lower your blood sugar, and has helped diabetics keep their blood sugar under control. I plan to try this and diet modifications first (I've been a very bad girl lately, due to stress) before taking more drastic measures. If I need to, I'll take the insulin or Metformin, but not unless it proves necessary.

I'm not really worried too much about the baby. All my babies have been healthy. Granted, this could change at any time, life is like that. And I am a little concerned. But as long as I don't see much rise in the titer levels, I'm not going to freak out. Hopefully, the pregnancy will proceed normally. So please keep me and my baby in your prayers!

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Mommaroo2 Says :
5:57 AM

As a follow up: I never remembered to take the cinnamon often enough to know if that worked. However, the only change to my diet that helped was going raw. Ironically, I ate a lot of fruit on the raw diet, but my blood sugar went down (it took time) to normal (barely...the lowest I got was 99, but that's way better than it was). I felt so much better, I didn't gain much weight at all--I think around 15 pounds. The doc was happy with that because of my size and the gestational diabetes. I also think it helped me heal way faster after the c-section. I was amazed at how great I felt. Since I was already pregnant when I started raw, I just did high raw (80-95% raw). You can be 100% raw while pregnant, you just don't want to START at all raw when you're pregnant or nursing, because of the detox you go through. Better to do high raw and wait to go all raw after the baby weans. Although I find it easier to be all raw than high raw.

Anonymous Says :
3:38 PM

I know it's been a while since you had your baby. Obviously, you and the baby are doing wonderful. How did the delivery go, I hope there was no complication and did the doctor say if it is safe to have more kids? Please let me know as I am confused and frighted, my doctor told me not to have any more kids because of my scaring from 3 c-sections and I lost a lot of blood with my last baby, but thank God I did not get any blood transfusion. My desire is to have another baby and I know this will happen only if it is God's will.


Mommaroo2 Says :
3:52 AM


It's been so crazy for me lately, I haven't posted in a while. I'll try to update everyone soon with more in-depth info.

If you read my latest post, you know I have an ascending aortic aneurysm. Not a good thing. Then I found out I'm pregnant again...with an aneurysm, that is REALLY not a good thing! I'll post more about this soon. So far all is well. I am 18 weeks along with no problems. I am more tired, and can't do much or I get chest pains. My doc wants to put me on beta blockers to keep my blood pressure low, which is important with an aneurysm. The size of the aneurysm has not grown at all, which is great. They are watching it closely. If it grows, I may have to have open heart surgery, which I hope doesn't happen--at least until the baby is viable, though I hope to last to the end of the pregnancy, after which they will do the aneurysm repair. Everything else is normal.

As far as my last baby, yes, everything went well. He was very healthy, with no problems. The "E" antibodies were never a problem...the levels stayed low. We will monitor them this time, too. My blood sugar was controlled with a mostly raw food diet, which made for an easy recovery. It was the easiest c-section recovery I've every had.

Many o.b.'s don't want to do multiple c-sections: they're very worried about liability and their "statistics". And some of them have liberal agendas--they don't see a value in children, other than as little trophies to show off. In their mind, you only need one or two for that! Female o.b.'s are particularly notorious for this, though not all.

These doctors often use scare tactics to make it sound like your uterus will explode, killing you and your baby. Yes, your risks do go up with each c-section, but it isn't nearly as bad as some doctors say. There are some doctors who will exaggerate and even outright lie, to manipulate you and scare you into "obedience." It sucks if you're in the minority who loses a baby or your own life...but if you believe in God and believe He is truly in control, then you will trust Him in all things. I personally believe that God knows when the end of my life is going to come. It won't happen because I chose to have a baby, UNLESS it is already my pre-ordained time to go. And if it is, then I will die regardless of what I am doing at the time, whether it be carrying a baby or crossing the street.

That being said, if you have more children, I would recommend considering a perinatologist (a high-risk pregnancy doctor), and choosing a hospital with a very good trauma center and NICU, which carries a good supply of blood, just in case. You want people who know what they're doing. I can't use my favorite hospital, which I loved, because they aren't set up for major emergencies like that. The nice thing, in my experience, about perinatologists is that they tend not to freak out about the little things the way that regular o.b.'s do. But don't settle for a doctor you don't feel comfortable with. Choose one with a lot of experience, who you feel comfortable with. If they try to intimidate you or make you feel bad for choosing a large family, RUN! You want a doctor who will educate you, not scare you. I listen to all the risks (IF the doctor is being real about it) because knowledge is power. But brow-beating me for my health choices is NOT tolerated. There is one doctor in my peri's practice that I absolutely refuse to see, due to her treatment of me.

By the way, I personally know at least two women who had 9 c-sections so far. One even has the old style vertical scar, which is considered less safe, and she's had no problems to my knowledge.

I can't tell you what to do, I can only give you my own personal thoughts and experiences. Choosing to allow God to plan your family can be scary...REALLY scary when facing potentially serious health outcomes...but I have found that God has rewarded our trust in Him every time we have had another baby. And if something happens to me this time around, I won't have any regrets. Because when my time is up, I know it will be because God has ordained it, and I would rather be doing something worthwhile when it happens, rather than avoiding His will. Even if the baby didn't make it, I know there is still a reason God brought that soul into existence, even for a short time.

Good luck Le. I hope things go well for you. Let me know what happens. I'll try to find time in the next few days to make a post that responds a little better to your question.

Mommaroo2 Says :
3:52 AM

Wow, that was way longer than I thought. LOL.

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