It's Official!


Blessing # 5 is on the way! I tested positive last night. I'm kind of surprised. I usually don't test positive until I'm two weeks late. Although I'm not sure when the date of my last period was (poor recordkeeping, lol) I didn't think I would test positive til next Tuesday or Wednesday. I don't feel pregnant, really. I guess I feel tired, but not overly so. Going to bed at an insane hour lately is probably responsible for that. I also had been feeling lately that I just could not do the diet anymore. Which is probably my body's way of saying "stop dieting, you're pregnant, you dummy!"

Anyway, I shouldn't be surprised, since unfortunately I stopped breastfeeding at five months postpartum. (I plan to do everything in my power to avoid that happening this time around.) I should be more surprised that it took so long to get pregnant! But God knows what is best, which is why we trust Him with the size of our family. I had a year between the last two pregnancies, and felt ready when I got pregnant. I feel that I'll be ready for another baby when this one comes, but I wasn't quite feeling ready to be pregnant yet, lol! I don't at all mind the first's the third that I hate. It's been getting harder each time. But I shouldn't complain. My pregnancies have been relatively easy. God has blessed me that way. It's probably to make up for the fact that, due to circumstances beyond my control, I've been forced to have all four of my children by cesarean.

Being pregnant does explain why, since I've gone of the diet in the last week, I have gained back HALF of what I lost!!! If I eat properly in the first trimester, I tend to lose a little weight. Then I stabilize in the second, and gain in the third (partly due to getting tired of "watching" what I eat). This time I plan to follow either the Weston A. Price diet or the Blue Ribbon Baby diet. I've heard good things about both. The first I believe is a good, all-around healthy way of eating for anyone. Some people with wheat or milk allergies tend to find they can tolerate wheat and milk on this diet, when they eat it as the diet prescribes. The second diet claims to virtually eliminate the risk of pre-eclampsia and toxemia. I have had pre-eclampsia with my second pregnancy, and I had gestational diabetes with the fourth. I hope proper diet will help me avoid such complications.

I still plan to reduce my carbs (Americans eat WAY too many) but in a way that is healthy for pregnancy. Most of my carbs will come from fruit and vegetables, and homemade, organic whole wheat bread. I want to get a grinder for grinding wheat berries for fresh flour. Whole wheat begins to lose nutrients within hours of grinding.

I hope everyone is having a good Advent!

God bless.

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Michelle Says :
9:38 AM

Awww....many congratulation!

Gretchen Says :
8:30 PM

Congratulations. I am so happy for you. You are really blessed:-)

I was on Adkins when I got pregnant with baby daughter, then I stopped the Adkins and began to eat normally when I found out that I was pregnant.

She was born healthy and just turned 1 year old. I returned to a low carb diet after I weaned her and have had moderate success.

What a happy Christmas present for you:-)

Gretchen Lavender

Gretchen Lavender Says :
8:32 PM

I think I left an invalid link/profile on the last comment.

faraja Says :
4:34 PM

Congratulations! :) I came across you through the CWO Blog Ring...

I have already gained quite a bit from what I've read (I'll be back later to read more posts) I think you're such a 'real' mum, here with 4 kids and another on the way and you've got a beautiful peace about you even in the challenging situations.

By the way, I tried to follow the link to the KimKins Diet and it's not working...I'm interested to check it out (I need to shed a few pounds!)

Can I also ask, how did you find it having 4 c-sections (and will you need one again for the 5th?) I've had 3, and we'd love another baby but so many people (including my doctor) are saying I shouldn't do another c-section.

Have a Blessed Christmas!

Mommaroo2 Says :
12:11 PM

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts! I'm very excited about the baby. My children are thrilled, although my three year old daughter is a little confused...she keeps saying "two babies!" because she thinks my 9 month old will still be a baby when the next one arrives, lol!

Faraja, I apologize for the messed up link. Blogger ate the link somehow. It should be fixed now.

If anyone decides to join the Kimkins website, I hope they do it through my link. I get credit for it, and earn a little "kickback" for it. I think it's a great diet and it really works, and the site is very supportive. The best thing is that it's a one-time join fee, so even though I'm pregnant now, I can jump right back into the diet later on, and in the meantime I can still go on the site if I want to stay connected.

I'm struggling now, not being on the diet. I miss the hunger control, and the lack of mood swings. I felt so great on it, and now I'm starting to feel depression again. I need to find a balance between enough carbs to have a healthy pregnancy and not having so many that it affects my moods. Refined carbs are so evil! (Why oh why do they have to taste so good?!) But even now I still don't have the taste for the refined carbs like I did pre-Kimkins.

Good luck Faraja, I know you'll like the diet and the website.

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