Update on "Getting Back to Basics"

Thanks to much pleading on the part of Stephanie's blog friends, she has graciously put her archives back up so we can print them out, if desired. Apparently she and her husband have been harassed by some crazy loons who don't like hearing the truth. These people seem to have pretty sad lives, because they have nothing better to do than harass good, honest people just because they don't like what they read on a blog.

**Just a note to the crazies out there...if you don't like someone's blog, there's a little thing called a "back" button. Use it. And if you just CAN'T, then go see a psychologist and figure out WHY you need to victimize someone just because they make use of free speech. You expect us to put up with your disgusting sites about s*x and all kinds of filth, but you can't take reading a post about wifely submission? It's America people. You want censorship, take a plane to China!

Better yet...get right with God, and learn how to love. Because you don't know how to love anyone, including yourself, if you have to spew hate to make yourself feel better. There's a lot of people whose blogs make my blood boil. When I stumble upon them, I leave, never to return. I just have too much to do, too much self-respect, and too much love for others to be wasting my time attacking people over different viewpoints. Being hurt in your life doesn't give you the right to hurt others.**

It's not easy to love liberals, but I sure do try! ;-)

Anyway, back to the program...I suggest all of you RUN (figuratively) over to Getting Back to Basics and copy or print out any posts you like, before they're gone. I love almost all of them, but my personal favorites are her posts on cooking/diet, marraige and family, and the ones where she really tells it like it is in the world today (probably what got her into trouble, but who cares--you go girl!).

I really appreciate blogs like hers, because they are so few and far between. Every time I think I've found one, I read further into it, and find some wacky pseudo-liberal ideas buried in there. I love blogs that talk about wifely submission, modesty, homemaking, cooking from scratch, natural living/mothering (without the wacky liberal slant, lol), homeschooling, etc. If anyone knows of other blogs out there like Getting Back to Basics, please leave a link for it!

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Mommaroo2 Says :
5:17 AM

Side note: for those wanting to print out posts from Stephanie's blog, here are some tips...

I figured there would be too much to print...I was right!

Instead, I just highlighted and copied each page into a Word document on my computer. It is time consuming, but faster than choosing which posts I want. This way I can go back later and condense it down into the best posts I want to keep.

The first time I tried copying and pasting, it copied the whole blog page rather than just the words, and didn't come out right. After playing around, I found the best way to copy it: go to the bottom of each page and carefully highlight just the words of the posts, not the side bar, going up. When you get to the top, double-check that the side bar isn't highlighted, and make sure the page title isn't highlighted. Just the posts. Then copy it and paste it into your document. This worked pretty good, a couple of times I had to re-do it.

Warning: be sure to save your document each time you copy and paste a page. I didn't do this the first time, and lost nine blog pages of copied text...which equaled 132 document pages. Argh!

This method copied it pretty well. The only thing that didn't copy well was her scheduling charts--they were messed up a little. And the pictures won't copy at all, at least for me.

Good luck, happy reading!

6:05 AM

Barbara Says :
3:02 PM

I'm in agreement with you! Was sad to hear that she was going to quit, but glad to see that she put the archives back up temporarily.

Chrissy Says :
8:36 AM

Hey! I came here from The Sparrow's Nest. I've enjoyed your archives. I read very few Homemaking/SAHM blogs because so many are very Anti-Catholic. I'm glad I found you and look forward to reading more in the future...

Chrissy Says :
9:09 AM

Hello again...I also wanted to mention that there are some blogs by SAH Catholic mommies that offer organizational tips and the like. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you the links...

have a good day!

Mommaroo2 Says :
9:27 AM


I agree, unfortunately, some blogs are very anti-Catholic. Kind of funny...you'd think they'd be trying to convert us. You can't convert someone if you're too busy putting them down! But I go to a lot of blogs that don't say anything anti-Catholic. Ironically, I tend to have more in common, value-wise, with some Protestants...most of the Catholic blogs I have seen aren't very Catholic. They often are at least somewhat liberal, and see Catholic dotrine as a buffet...take a little of this, leave that, try some of this. I probably don't talk enough about faith on my blog, but that's mostly because I think a lot of my visitors are Protestants, because as far as family values go, we agree on a lot. :-)

Chrissy Says :
2:47 PM

mommaroo2 -

I agree with what you said. I have so much in common with the Protestants because I was raised Methodist. My career aspirations started and ended with being a wife and mother. My own mother was a homekeeper and she prepared me well. The blogs I read are Christian without being overly zealous about denomination, if you know what I mean.

I did swear off one blog in particular because the Catholic bashing got so bad. I defended the Catholic faith and suggested folks visit the Vatican website, do a little research, and decide for themselves. I was told by the blog author that I wasn't a bible believing Christian. I was stunned at the women who just took said blog owners word for it.

Anyway, I look forward to more posts from you. Thanks for giving us a peek into your world :0)

Kathy J. Says :
5:36 PM

Chrissy - I would love the links that you mentioned if you don't mind. :-) I think that I know which Catholic bashing blog post you were refering to in your comment. I, too, am shocked and hurt when Catholics are refered to as Non-Christians. I think that that attitude comes from a great deal of misinformation and incorrect interpretation. I am really amazed at how wrong some people are in their interpretations of Catholic teachings!!! I would like to find some more websites that refrain from bashing a particular denomination. That just never sits well in my heart. Thanks in advance. :-)

Mommaroo2 - I just found your blog and I am really enjoying it!! :-)

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