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In my online browsing, I came upon something very interesting last week. It is called The Master Cleanse, also known as the lemonade diet. It's not really a diet, it is a cleanse, which is something you do that is meant to cleanse your system of toxins and impurities. There are different cleanses, done in different ways. Kevin Trudeau's book recommends several cleanses, especially if you need to lose weight. He mentions a colon cleanse, a liver/gallbladder cleanse, a Candida cleanse (I KNOW I need to do one of those), and a general cleanse. The Master Cleanse is the ultimate cleanse, it cleanses your whole body.

In a nutshell, you drink a lemonade mix that you make at home for at least ten days. Some people go 30-40 days, but it seems like they usually do that the second time around. During this time, you eat nothing. The lemonade mix is supposed to keep you from being hungry and give you the energy you need. You also do "salt water flushes" to"flush" you out, if you know what I mean. They also recommend senna tea, like the "Smoothe Move" brand, to help you along.

I've heard of juice fasting before, but not cleansing. I NEVER would have considered this before (heck, I can't even stay on a diet) until after I read the online journals of people who have done it. If done properly, they say you aren't hungry at all, and after a few days, you feel great, full of energy. The first few days, you are getting adjusted, and the worst of the toxins are working themselves out of your body. After day 3, your energy is supposed to kick in, and you feel alert and better than ever.

There are some "side-effects". Your tongue turns white, your breath isn't as fresh, and you might be cranky at first. You won't be hungry (as long as you keep drinking the lemonade), although you may have dreams about food, or dream you broke the fast, and you wake up upset. Usually you lose some weight, but not everyone. Some people lose a lot. It seems that the average I've been hearing on a ten day cleanse is 10-14 pounds. The most I've heard of so far is 61 pounds on a 34 day (so far) cleanse, and I think this guy was pretty overweight. Some people, in an effort to keep losing weight, continue to drink the lemonade after the fast, during the day, then eat a healthy meal at night. Kind of like a Slim-Fast diet without all the chemicals. Probably works better too, since the lemonade mix is supposed to help keep you from being hungry.

The ingredients for the drink are:

freshly-squeezed organic lemon juice
pure water
organic, formaldehyde-free, grade B maple syrup
cayenne pepper

The maple syrup add necessary nutrients and sweetness, the cayenne helps things "move along" inside you, and the lemon juice has many amazing properties. Helps keep hunger down, has excellent enzymes, helps break things up inside, etc. I was amazed when I found out all the benefits of lemon juice.

Here are more links for information:

The recipe
An online journal of one person's experience
A site with great info (same as link at beginning of post), cheapest source I've found for maple syrup
Another site to buy ingredients, get info
The Master Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs, if you're too cheap to buy the book
A juicer comparison chart, compares some brands, very informational, read it before you go running out and buying a juicer

I've heard wonderful things about how you feel after doing this cleanse. People who do them often repeat it a few times a year. A lot of people have reported having some medical conditions go away during the cleanse, and some smokers have been able to break their habit during it. It seems to "reset" the body. One young woman whose journal I read had a bad case of gout, and it was gone by the time she ended the cleanse.

Like I said, I normally wouldn't consider even thinking about this, normally. But I've done a great deal of research on it, and I am excited to try it. The bad thing is I'm home all day with my refrigerator, and I have a family to feed. I'd like my husband to do it, but there's one problem...this lemonade diet is EXPENSIVE!! I figured out that with all the supplies, it will probably cost $100-110 for only ten days on the Master Cleanse, and that's not including a juicer. You need a juicer, you get only half the juice if you do it by hand, and the most expensive part is the organic lemons. I figured almost $70 for the lemons, $28 plus shipping for the maple syrup, I have organic cayenne already, another $4-5 for jugs of purified water, and another $4-5 for the tea. The juicer, if I can't find one used, will be around $50...I plan on buying the Juiceman Jr. There are a few cheaper ones around at Target or Kmart, but I don't trust the brand names for those.

I'd love a Champion, because it's a masticating juicer, and it makes higher quality juice with less oxidation. BUT it's $230!

So I'll just be settling for a Juiceman Jr. It's only $50 at Target, and as a centrifugal juicer, it makes more juice.

I'm still trying to figure out if we can afford for me to do the cleanse. Unfortunately, being impulsive, I went out and bought two days' worth of lemons already. I'm such an idiot. Buy the lemons...THEN calculate the cost! Duh. But at some point I will do it, because I think it would be a great, healthy experience.

If you think about doing The Master Cleanse, first research it online, then buy and read the books. Everyone says you NEED to read the books. There is a yahoo group dedicated to the cleanse, but they ask you to read the book before asking questions.

If you're not interested in cleansing, look into juicing. I've been hearing great things about it, how energetic fresh juice makes you feel. The grocery store juices are "dead"...little vitamins, no enzymes, etc. I thought it would be too expensive, but there are options. My health food store carries organic "juicing" carrots, $18 for 25#. Pretty good price for organic. And many health food stores offer discounts when you buy in bulk.

Good luck, happy juicing!

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Mrs. C Says :
4:47 PM

Our local Wal-Mart has the Juiceman Jr. on clearance or $34. Maybe you can find one on sale!

Mommaroo2 Says :
8:09 AM

I just deleted a new comment on here because it was a thinly veiled advertisement for someone's product. My blog is not a free billboard. Any links on my blog are there because either I recommend them or I thought others would find the linked site interesting.

As an update (2/15/07) I never did the master cleanse, as I found it was extremely expensive to do it with the organic lemons and syrup as they recommend. I'd still like to try it, if I am ever NOT pregnant or nursing again. LOL I still have the juicer. Hopefully I'll use it again someday so my husband doesn't kill me for buying it!

Anonymous Says :
1:42 PM

I am on a fourth day of this master cleanse and this is much cheaper then doing regular food. My total cost is $130 for 10 days. One does not need to get a juicer to get juice out of lemons. I think you might be looking for an excuse not to do it, which is understandable. But the cost is not that high.
I live in New York and was able to get the products in local health food store, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.
It's not so complicated.

Mommaroo2 Says :
12:36 PM


Thank you for the advice. I am definitely not looking for excuses not to do it, though. I actually look forward to trying it someday, when we have the money and I'm not nuring or pregnant.

It's true you don't need a juicer to do it, but you only get about half the juice out of the lemon when you don't use one. If you're doing it short-term, a juicer might not make sense. But doing it long-term, or repeatedly, or doing other juice fasts, getting a juicer makes sense in the long run.

As for the price of lemons, it's kind of hard to compare New York prices vs. the prices where I live. Kind of like comparing apples and oranges. ;-) While my area is very organic-friendly, it's probably not as much as New York is. Plus, I'm guessing groceries in general cost more in NYC. Also, you have to keep in mind that I'm not comparing my own food expenses vs. the master cleanse ingredients...I'm comparing my family's food expenses vs. adding the cost of the master cleanse ingredients.

So when all is said and done, in my area, for my family, the cost was too high at the time to do the master cleanse. But I'm sure that some day we will be a little more flush with cash AND at the same time I won't be nursing or pregnant, and I look forward to doing it then.

My advice to anyone out there considering doing it is to check out your local prices, and also check out the prices of grade B organic maple syrup in BULK online, too. That's one way to make it cheaper. And also try to buy a juicer used or borrow one.

Good luck with your cleanse, Anka! I hope it is going really well for you.

Mommaroo2 Says :
12:38 PM

By the way, I did get a juicer later on, when we got our tax returns. I really like the ease of cleaning it, but found out some things about the brand after the fact that aren't so good. I'll have to post a review of it sometime.

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