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This is a short little article I found on Homemaking Organized. I like finding different "emergency quick-clean" posts and articles, because they each have useful tips, and I plan to compile them and choose the best, to make my own quick-clean list. What can I say? I'm lazy! ;-)

Company is on the way and your house is mess. If you have about 15 minutes follow the steps below to get your house in tip top shape just in time.

1. Trash: Dump all the trash in the trash bag

2. Clutter: If you find something in the wrong room dump it in the basket. You’ll find it’s corrct home later.

3. Bedrooms: Make all beds. I say this because I can’t believe how nosey people are and they always find a way to look into your private bedrooms. I don’t like this but it happens.

4. Bathroom: Go to the guest bathroom and (hopefully you have some emergency wipes on hand) use your wipes. Wipe down the mirror and the chrome with the window cleaner wipes. Wipe the counter tops with the general purpose wipe. Swish and use a wipe to clean the seats of the toilet. Use a wipe to spot check any spots on the floor. Take all used towels and dump in laundry area. Hang a nice clean hand towel and spray some nice scented something. Put out a new piece of soap. Take the old one to your bathroom.

5. Kitchen: Get all the dishes out of the sink.and off counters. Wash them if you have time or put the all in the dish washer. Wipe down counters. Put any food sitting out away.

6. Diningroom / Livingroom: Remove all clutter. Fluff pillows. Stack magazines. Push in chairs and clean off dining table. Wipe it if it needs it.

If you have a few odors open all windows and maybe a back door with a screen. Spray something fresh. Or better yet throw some frozen cookie dough in the oven.

If you have time vacuum the livingroom and diningroom if they have carpet.

Whew! Now go comb your hair and spritz on some perfume! Look relaxed.

2 Responses to "Clean Your House Fast"

K Quinn Says :
10:58 PM

Aw thank you! This is my article. Well actually it's my sister's who wrote it for my site. Which has been majorly overhauled today as it's been suffering major neglect. I'm glad you liked it. She hates to clean and I really get into it so she wanted there to be an article for people who don't like it and want to get it done fast.
Now I'm working on cooking fast (but good) at
Thanks again. I like your blog. I'm not much of a blog reader but I was getting hooked on yours and the scheduling at home with the kids thing. I like how you laid out your schedule. I'm very impressed. I don't get that much done and I only have one! I think I'm going to hang around a bit and learn some things.

God Bless,

Mommaroo2 Says :
5:55 PM

I don't get that much done, either! lol It's more of a goal than reality. I've kind of been in a funk lately, so my house is even worse than usual, I'm embarassed to admit. If I could get even the basics done that I have listed in my schedule, it would be a miracle!!

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