My Journey from Housewife to Homemaker

I have been a wife and stay at home mother for four years now. So far it has been a struggle for me. I am not naturally organized, and I am admittedly lazy, so running a household without children was an effort for me. Once I had my first child ten months after marraige, then a second thirteen months later, than a third thirteen months after that...well, let's just say things started really falling apart. You can let a lot slide with just one child, but with can do!

So now, expecting my fourth child (this time I had a "break", there will be 21 months between this one and the last, lol) I have realized it's time to get serious. My children need a "together" mom, my husband deserves a fabulous wife, and I can honestly say I'm nowhere close to being either. So this blog will document my journey and struggles to stop being a housewife (to me, a wife stuck in a house) and become a homemaker (a woman joyfully dedicated to the care of her family and the making of a true home).

This is mostly for my own sanity--the ability to vent, to get it out, to think out loud (sort of). But perhaps there are others out there who can learn from my mistakes, or who have a large family of their own and can offer advice. It really helps to know there are others out there like yourself when you feel alone with your problems.

So, welcome!

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Laila Says :
12:01 AM

God bless your efforts!

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