Welcome to Russia, My Commrades...

Yes, it's official. He's president. Someone please wake me up and tell me this has been a dream. Or a nightmare, I should say....

I was afraid he had a chance of winning. But by such a landslide? Something is fishy. Did you hear about the Black Panthers standing outside Philadelphia voting locations, intimidating white voters? And nothing was done about that? Hmmm, I wonder what would have happened if it had been the Klu Klux Klan doing that. So, it's okay to intimidate white voters to prevent them from voting, or to guilt trip them into voting for someone just because that person is a minority, but not vice versa? NO ONE should be intimidated into voting or not voting for a particular person. And no one should vote for someone (or against someone) for the color of their skin--whatever color that may be.

Having a black president would be a great thing...if it were a good man with morals being elected. One who did not want to take away our rights to bear arms, to homeschool our children, or the rights of the unborn to live. Give me Alan Keys any day! Or Condoleeza Rice...or about a million other black Americans who would do a better job. Heck, I'd take Hillary at this point! (I know she's not black, but she is a huge liberal. She's just not nearly as crazy.)

I'm very much afraid that God has withheld His wrath for as long as he could, and now He has given this country just enough rope for us to hang ourselves. And unfortunately, those of us who knew what would happen and tried to avoid it are going to be punished right along with those who were naiive or had bad intentions for this country from the beginning.

Get ready my friends, and mark my words, I'm getting ready to prophesy:

Four years from now our economy will be a thousand times worse.
Four years from now, anyone who has a job will be tax at a rate of twice what they are taxed at now.
Four years from now, we will have had the freedom to homeschool greatly hampered, if it's still allowed at all.
Four years from now, we will be under martial law. There will be a domestic army populated primarily with thugs, who will abuse their power and the people of this country.
Four years from now, there will be presidential orders that essentially turn the president of the United States into a dictator.
Four years from now, parents will not have the right to refuse immunizations or any type of medical treatment that a doctor "recommends", or even the right to a second opinion.
Four years from now, public schools (and probably private schools) will be required to teach sex education and pro-homosexual ideals to our kindergarteners.
Four years from now, a child of twelve will be able to be taken across state lines by a school nurse for a late-term abortion without your consent.
Four years from now, that nurse won't actually have to cross state lines because all kinds of abortion will be available in all states, and even Catholic hospitals will be compelled to provide them.
Four years from now, crime rates will be at an all-time high.
Four years from now, you won't be able to protect yourself from criminals because your right to keep and bear arms will be severely limited, if it exists at all.
Four years from now, most small businesses will have failed, and large businesses will have taken their production out of this country because of the oppressive "spread the wealth" laws.
Four years from now, a large portion of the (working) population will be forced to work for the government because there aren't many other jobs out there.
Four years from now, our country will be divided: one race against another, one economic group against another, non-believers against believers.
Four years from now, many homeowners will have lost their property due to an inability to pay the burdensome taxes on it with the little wages they have left after income tax. The government will continue bailing out the mortgage firms, and will own a large percentage of formerly private property.
Four years from now, the government will provide public preschool...and then lower the required age for starting school down to age four.
Four years from now, there will be few stay at home moms, because few families will be able to support their families with one over-taxed income in an unstable economy.
Four years from now, that man will be re-elected.

And then things will really get bad...

Am I a prophet? Of course not. I have common sense. We have just elected a pro-violence, communist control-freak who is a text book case for narcissistic personality disorder. It has already been said by some psychiatrists that he displays some of the same personality traits as Hitler and other dictators. Everyone thought Hitler was a breath of fresh air. Everyone thought he would bring change. And he did. It just wasn't exactly the change that the Germans were expecting.

God have mercy on our poor, poor country.

5 Responses to "Welcome to Russia, My Commrades..."

elexisb Says :
11:52 AM

I am with you!!!

I am praying continuously that Obama will not make it easier for women to kill their unborn babies. It's keeping me awake at night :(

RD Says :
1:57 AM

It's so sad.
Let's pray for Obama's conversion.
I just stumbled across your blog through searching for a photo of a mother & her child:)

Anonymous Says :
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Melissa Says :
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Anonymous Says :
8:23 PM

Hmmm..."anonymous" is rallying her feminist friends. And insults follow. What a coincidence!! Who would have thought that liberal feminists would round up all their friends to parrot insults? Where is the tolerance? Oh, that's right. Only liberals deserve tolerance. No one else has a right to voice their opinions.

You're just afraid that you will be out-populated because you kill your inconvenient children.

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