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Okay, I'm posting this today, Friday, because I know I'll forget tomorrow. ;-) My new habit for this week is planning a menu AND actually USING it! I tend to plan one (once in a while), and maybe even buy what I need, but then forget all about it and freak out trying to figure out what to make that will only take ten minutes.

Yes, I truly am that bad! LOL I'm hoping to get my butt in gear and use the crock pot and bread machine this week, but just sticking to a menu is the main goal. The kids meals haven't been unhealthy, but they have been very, very repetitive.

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4 Responses to "Smart Habit Saturday-hosted by Lara the Lazy Organizer"

Our Peculiar Life Says :
8:39 PM

Great habit! I love my menu. I don't always follow it day by day, but we usually eat the 6 planned meals during that one week! It makes my life a lot easier!

Good luck!

Thea Says :
1:42 PM

Menu planning IS a great habit to have. We use it all the time and it makes life so much easier during the witching hour! Good luck this week!

Jenny Says :
3:05 PM

Sounds all too familiar to me! (Sheepish grin...)
You can do it!!!

Mommaroo2 Says :
8:42 PM

I still haven't mastered the menu. I'm such a last-minute person! Arrrgh!

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